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Agape Senior has partnered with the South Carolina Technical College system and Apprenticeship Carolina to bring to fruition the first health-care related, registered apprenticeship program in the state of South Carolina.  21 students, from all over South Carolina, have completed the requisite 100 hours of instruction to earn the designation as a graduate of Apprenticeship South Carolina and Agape University. In addition to learning about various body systems and functions, the students were exposed to specialized training in dementia.  These students are now recognized by the US Department of Labor as having completed a registered apprenticeship program.  This certification assures that they have been well-trained by combining classroom instruction with on-the-job training.  " Having completed these courses on their own time, these students have demonstrated a willingess to go above and beyond and are now some of the most well trained employees Agape has.  We are proud of their accomplishments" stated G. Scott Middleton, CEO of Agape Senior. A "virtual" graduation for these students is being planned for January 27, 2011.  

Indiana Apprenticeship Information


Indiana, known in the logistics community as the “Crossroads of America”, is home to a robust, dedicated and dynamic Apprenticeship Community, one that has flourished here since the 1940’s.  Long the ticket to a middle class lifestyle, thousands of  Hoosiers have, over the years, found workplace success by acquiring a skilled trade such as Tool and Die Maker, Machine Repair, Maintenance Mechanic, Machinist, Mold Maker, Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber, Millwright, Pipefitter, Telecommunications Technician, Line Maintainer, Welder, Sheet Metal Worker, Bricklayer, Instrumentation Mechanic, Machine Builder, Structural Steel Worker, Cement Mason, Painter, Roofer, Insulator, Elevator Constructor, Heavy Equipment Operator or Construction Craft Laborer.  These Indiana workers have, for decades, built solid, successful, sustainable careers upon a firm Apprenticeship foundation by turning their knowledge and skill into marketable goods and services. 


An OA State, Indiana is home to 902 Active Apprenticeship Programs and 12,829 Active Apprentices. The OA state office is located in Indianapolis and is under the direction of State Director, John Delgado.  Vigorously supporting the concept and outcomes of Registered Apprenticeship, both Indiana’s Military and Prison Systems sponsor numerous Apprentices in a broad range of occupations, and consequently account for as much as 30% of Indiana’s currently Registered Apprentice total and up to 20% of her Program Sponsors. 


The private industry sectors of Construction, Advanced Manufacturing and Energy, historically and currently train the highest number of Registered Apprentices in Indiana.  This Registered Apprenticeship Community is characterized by multiple effective partnerships involving varying combinations of Individual Employers, Employer Associations, Post-Secondary Institutions, Classroom Instructors, Apprenticeship Coordinators/Directors, Joint Apprenticeship Committees, Labor Representatives, the Public Workforce System and Government entities.  Throughout Indiana a strong partnership exists between Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors and the Post-Secondary Education Community.  Both Ivy Tech Community College and Vincennes University , as well as other Community Colleges in adjacent states, have been instrumental in bridging the gap between Apprenticeship and College by facilitating structures  which encourage most apprentices in Indiana to earn Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees, or Technical Certifications which can broaden their future employment opportunities and make the state more attractive to employers seeking a skilled and educated workforce.  The following are two recent examples of innovation in Indiana’s Apprenticeship Community:


?         Collaboration between five local Electrical Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committees (JATCs) in Indianapolis, Hammond/Merrillville, Michigan City, South Bend, and Lafayette, IN, Higher Education (Ivy Tech Community College and Purdue University), and Indiana’s Energy Systems Network (ESN) has resulted the winning of a major grant to fund the Crossroads Smart Grid Training Program initiative.  The goal of this initiative is to facilitate the required hands-on training which will allow smart grid technology to become a reality not only in residential construction but also in commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Training areas will include LED Lighting, Wind Energy, Smart Building Automation, Smart Industrial Automation.  Hundreds of Apprentices and Journeyworkers will be cross-trained on state-of-the-art equipment in all smart grid focus areas and demonstrate their competence by earning the industry-recognized Energy Power Research Institute (EPRI) Certification. These trained professionals will be critical to the success of Smart Grid initiatives and play a vital role as we seek to achieve energy independence.


?         Lake County Electricians (Hammond/Merrillville, IN) J.A.T.C. received a Department of  Energy grant to install a 24.5 kilowatt, 96 panel solar array on its new Apprenticeship and Training Center located in Merrillville, Indiana.  Unique to this grant was the fact that the unit supplied 100% of the energy requirements utilized in construction of the new facility and is expected to greatly reduce energy expenditures now that the facility is operational and the permanent power grid tie-in has occurred.  As part of the matching , Lake County Electricians JATC was able to train 70 Apprentices and over 20 Journeyworkers in Photovoltaics. Those participating received a net total of 2160 hours of photovoltaic training, including hands-on experience with off-loading, testing, storage, shipping, installation and power grid tie-in of the units. The panels installed were Sharp panels, manufactured in Tennessee and utilize Fronius* inverters from California.

 * will monitor real-time savings realized from this clean, green energy investment


Indiana’s Registered Apprenticeship Programs constitute the quintessential “Just-In-Time” training system and, when properly utilized, they consistently prove to be the most productive, expedient, and cost-effective of all training regimens…..just the ticket in this era of lean growth and belt-tightening.


Indiana staff continues to expand and formalize the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) apprenticeship program.  With over 75 programs and growing, initially programs were set up for offenders working within the prison industries (PEN Products) programs.  This was then expanded into education, food service (Aramark), physical plants and facility programs.  The main focus of this effort was to provide the offenders with the opportunity to learn and have documented skills that will enable them to find a job and even a better paying job upon their release.  Working with IDOC reentry staff, there have been numerous reentry success stores where offenders are using their Certificate of Completions to get jobs and better paying jobs throughout the state which greatly reduces the possibility that the offender will return to the IDOC.  The IDOC also instituted a 6-month time cut for those offenders who complete a apprenticeship program, so this greatly helped the interest in apprenticeship from the offenders.  Although mainly established for offenders, Indiana staff have also been instrumental in the establishment of the IDOC staff apprenticeship program. This effort initially focused on the Correction Officer occupation which would allow eligible veterans with GI Bill benefits to have the option of using their benefits while training as a Correction Office.  Since that time, several other occupations have been added to the staff program.  Future plans calls for continued expansion of programs, standardization of work processes and transferability of hours between correctional facility programs.


Indiana does have the Indiana Military Apprenticeship Program (INMAP) and although not as active as it once was, we continue to work around numerous deployments to work with numerous military programs.  Both Air Guard bases are registered along with several Army National Guard programs.


With Indiana State Approving Agency (SAA) staff now working at the Indiana Office of Apprenticeship, we work very closely with the SAA in coordinating and assisting those veterans who are eligible for using their GI Bill education benefits in registered apprenticeship programs.  This includes sharing information on registered programs, outreach and the establishment of new programs.  We also provide contact information to our registered programs as to how to contact and have their programs approved by the SAA. 

Submitted to John Griffin by

John Delgado

Office of Apprenticeship