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Last week we hosted a webinar featuring three of our Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship members who shared a draft discussion paper outlining a proposed vision, goals, and specific recommendations for 21st Century Registered Apprenticeship.  The archived version of the webinar as well as the power point and draft discussion paper has now been posted to the COP.  

Link to a PDF of the webinar

Link to a PDF of the draft discussion paper

As shared on the webinar, our goal is to start a dialogue and gather your feedback on this proposed discussion paper.  We ask that you please read this discussion paper over and give us your feedback, provide us your comments and share your ideas on how we can continue to promote Registered Apprenticeship and move it forward into the 21st Century. Please note that the cut-off date for comments is January 15, 2012.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the Secretary a set of final recommendations, identify best practices and develop an action plan this summer at an event to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the passage of the National Apprenticeship Act.. You can post your feedback on this blog by commenting below or sending an email to the OA Administrator address at