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Our guest blogger is Donald Reese, the former State Director of Apprenticeship from Arkansas.  He is currently doing some research and would like to invite our apprentices to participate in his survey.

"I am conducting research on “21st Century Apprenticeship and the New Millennial Generation,” this research will provide valuable data to apprenticeship sponsors regarding the apprentices perceptions of their previous and current educational experience. The survey will answer the following questions:

1.      The apprentices perception of their previous educational experience and the apprenticeship educational experience

2.      Their perceptions of their involvement in learning (i.e., collaboration with classroom instructor in development and delivery of learning) and their involvement in planning the process of learning

3.      In addition, the survey will provide them an opportunity to make recommendation to enhance their apprenticeship program.

Any apprenticeship sponsors who would like to have their current apprentices participate in this research can do so by having them complete an Internet survey, which can be accessed at  and will be available until April 15, 2011."

Editor's Note:  Our guest blogger is Al Valles, the State Director of Hawaii-Pacific, Office of Apprenticeship.  Check out the training tour taking place in Hawaii and how they plan to raise awareness of green jobs in apprenticeship.

The “GREEN IN APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING TOUR" will assist Hawaii apprenticeship partners (Government, WIA, Private Industry and Education) to better understand the definition of green jobs as they pertain to apprenticeship. This one day bus tour will accommodate site presentations at various apprenticeship training centers in Oahu, Hawaii.

Confusion may occur when workforce Investment organizations plan to develop training in green jobs that may seem to be an occupation but in reality is part of a work process contained within an apprenticeship occupation. Local apprenticeship programs have traditionally trained in various green areas that are segments of a work process contained within their apprenticeable occupation and defined in the apprenticeship standards.

The Training Tour will focus on raising the level of awareness on the rudiments of green jobs as they relate to the Hawaii Apprenticeship Construction Industry, which makes up the preponderance of registered apprenticeship programs. The one day bus tour will host green jobs workshops that will showcase the green industry activities being performed by the Carpenters, Plumbers and Electricians apprenticeship programs of Hawaii.

The “GREEN IN APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING TOUR” is structured to establish, solidify, and maintain partnerships between public and private sector agencies in developing cooperative learning programs and services that are needed in the community. The responsibility of educating and shaping the youth of Hawaii is no longer delegated to a few public sector agencies, but is also apprenticeship’s responsibility along with other organizations and agencies within the community.

Submitted by Alfred B. Valles

State Director, Hawaii-Pacific

Office of Apprenticeship

U.S. Department of Labor  

NIMS Revises National Guideline Standards for 21st Century Apprenticeship

 Adds CNC Machinist, Tool & Die Maker, Mold Maker, CNC Operator & Press Set-Up Operator

The Expert Panel of the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) has finalized the competencies that will be at the heart of the National Guidelines for Apprentice Standards for NIMS Competency-Based Apprenticeship in six occupations including Machinist, CNC Machinist, Tool and Die Maker, Mold  Maker, CNC Operator and Press Set-Up Operator.   The revisions to the current NIMS Guideline Standards will be submitted to the Office of Apprenticeship for certification.

Following the Office of Apprenticeship certification, NIMS will implement the new apprenticeships on a national basis and has been preparing the Precision Manufacturing Industry for the roll-out of the new standards in the third quarter of 2011.

The Expert Panel work follows months of highly disciplined deliberation by five NIMS Technical Workgroups comprised of subject matter experts from precision manufacturing companies. The workgroups completed a job task analysis for each occupation, reviewing and reaching consensus in ranking detailed duties and task statements for each metalworking occupation.

In reviewing existing registered apprentice occupations and creating new ones for its National Guideline Standards, NIMS is being supported with funding from the Office of Apprenticeship, Employment and Training administration, U. S. Department of Labor.

 The members of the NIMS Expert Panel were as follows; James Wall (NIMS), Sherrie Williams (Boeing), Greg Chambers (Oberg Industries, NIMS Board Chair), Roy Sweatman (Southern Manufacturing Technologies), Kenneth L. Heins (KLH Industries), Robert H. Laudeman (United States Department of Labor), Bob Skodzinsky (Haas Technical Education Center Network), Daniel Kiraly (Tooling and Manufacturing Association), and Ron Kreuger (Eaton Hydraulics).

For information or to discuss implementation, contact NIMS Executive Director Stephen Mandes at


Editor's Note:  Our guest blogger is Ben Kushner, Performance Excellence Partners, who'll be sharing information on the development of a national directory of Pre-Apprenticeship Programs.



ETA’s Office of Apprenticeship is developing a national directory of Pre-Apprenticeship programs to help facilitate and strengthen connections between Pre-Apprenticeship programs and Registered Apprenticeship program sponsors.  The pilot web-based directory will help a variety of workforce system customers and practitioners (i.e. job seekers, Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors, One-Stops and Community Based Organizations) identify the nearest Pre-Apprenticeship program (geographically by zip code or city/state). 


Pre-Apprenticeship programs with a direct connection to a Registered Apprenticeship sponsor organization are encouraged to visit our information gathering tool at

The initial launch of the directory is a beta test and is subject to change as appropriate.  Provision of information is voluntary and inclusion in the directory does not constitute an endorsement by USDOL.

Wisconsin is celebrating 100 years of apprenticeship.  This You Tube video (posted April 12) discusses the program and opportunities for women to participate. 

What are you doing locally to celebrate 100 years of apprenticeship?  Please share with our community!