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I recently came across the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute's (PHI) Web compilation of Registered Apprenticeship resources related to direct-care jobs.  The website offers:

  • Background information on Registered Apprenticeship programs in long-term direct-care;
  • Fact sheets explaining how long-term care employers can establish programs in their facilities; and
  • Links to outside resources and relevant publications.
The PHI Registered Apprenticeship website looks like a great resource for current and potential program sponsors - check it out!

Check out Missouri's Apprenticeship website!  It's chocked full of great resources, job training videos and informative links.  It also promotes our Community of Practice.  Hey, thanks for the plug!

Arkansas Apprenticeship Information



Currently, Apprenticeship Program sponsors number 116 with around 3,700 apprentices registered on RAPIDS( The USDOLs electronic Apprenticeship system). 


Apprenticeship Programs in Arkansas are some of the most successful in the Nation.  The Apprenticeship Community was successful in the latter part of the 20th Century to propose and pass legislation that funded apprenticeship classroom training; materials, curriculum, and instructors.  This, along with licensure of electricians and plumbers, provides the impetus for continued growth of the apprenticeship community in Arkansas.  Growth in industries such as healthcare, aerospace, auto, and hospitality have added immeasurably to program and apprentice participation, particularly in pre-apprenticeship programs that are tied to secondary and postsecondary education.


Support for Registered Apprenticeship continues to grow in the State due to the relationship between the Office of Apprenticeship, the Arkansas Apprenticeship Coordination Steering Committee (a Governor appointed committee), and the Arkansas Department of Labors’ Department of Workforce Services, Department of Career Education, and the Arkansas Workforce Investment Board (WIB) who collaborates continuously to address key issues regarding workforce development needs throughout the State of Arkansas. The Dallas Action Clinic brought together all three of these entities in a collaborative effort to bring about real change in the relationship between apprenticeship sponsors and the workforce development system in the State.  This collaboration continues as the product of an MOU signed by the Department of Labors’ Workforce Services, Career Education, Workforce Investment Board and the Arkansas Apprenticeship Coordination Steering Committee which has been presented to the Governor for inclusion in the Arkansas Strategic Plan which stresses education of the State Workforce Center staff and local Workforce Investment Boards regarding Registered Apprenticeships impact on the local community and education of Apprenticeship sponsors  on the services available at the Workforce Centers.

The above was submitted to me by:

Donald E. Reese
State Director USDOL/ETA/OA
Federal Building
- Room 3507, 700
West Capitol Street,
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-3204


John Griffin

Editor's note: this blog post is from Heather Stefan, Director of Apprenticeship from the great state of Louisiana and our #2 contributor to our community.  Chad- your #1 position is in jeapordy.

Happy New Year, one and all!  This is going to be a quick post, because I don't have the time to wax poetic as I normally "try" to - but that will come later.  I'm just throwing this out for those who might be interested.

I recently held an Action Clinic follow-up workshop for our one-stop business service representatives across the state.  It focused mainly on the basic compositional requirements of a registered apprenticeship program, and some tips and suggestions to help them "market" the program to employers. 

This is very, very basic information.  I purposely did not get into too many details, because here in Louisiana, we see their role as a consultant to employers they come in contact with.  It is not necessary for them (at this point) to know apprenticeship intimately - just that they know enough to feel comfortable with introducing and recommending the concept to an employer, learning how to recognize a good program sponsor candidate - and passing possible referrals onto me.

This guide and powerpoint are far from perfect, but you may be able to adopt bits and pieces of it for future use.

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What's happening in your area in making power grids smarter and more efficient?