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Owens Community College and The Source are using stimulus money to train people for entry-level healthcare jobs, green jobs and pre-apprenticeship programs. To apply, call the Source at (419) 213
-JOBS.  126 students are in the first wave of training and over 600 slots are still available.  Know someone looking for a job???  Send them to the Source...
One of my favorite parts of the Action Clinics (and of this CoP!) was getting to hear from apprentices themselves - their stories are always fresh, candid, compelling, and inspiring.  So I was excited to read this piece about Josh Coale, an apprentice who won top honors at United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada's International Apprenticeship Competition.  Mr. Coale, a member of the Sprinkler Fitters Local 669 in Kentucky, will be honored this week at the Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council Biennial Convention.  Kudos to Kentucky leaders for celebrating Mr. Coale's achievements and sharing his story!

Mr. Coale's story is particularly interesting because he is a veteran who served five years in the Marine Corps before entering Registered Apprenticeship through the Helmets to Hardhats program.  Helmets to Hardhats is a nonprofit program that connects transitioning military servicemembers to family-supporting career opportunities in the construction industry.  I know that many of us in the CoP are interested in the intersections and opportunities related to veterans and Registered Apprenticeship, and it's great to see this area getting attention in the press.

I'd welcome thoughts on how others are highlighting the accomplishments of apprentices, and on how they are tapping transitioning servicemembers, and other talent pools, for Registered Apprenticeship!
Ever watch "Dirty Jobs" on the Discovery Channel?  Then you might be familiar with Mike Rowe who was interviewed on Fox News this morning and plugged "Apprenticeships."  He said that this country has redefined the word work and only seems to emphasize professions that require a college degree. We seem to have forgotten about apprenticeship jobs that are done by men and women who go to work clean, and come home dirty.  People who do jobs that most of us don't want to do. These are the jobs that built this country, and without the rest of us would not be able to function.  Check out his website!

Picture of ApprenticesThe California Employment Traning Panel (ETP) recently awarded a contract to the Carpenters Training Committee for Northern California(CTCNC) to improve retention rates in the early stages of apprenticeship.

The CTCNC will target training for pre-apprentices in a program that will prepare individuals to enter the carpenter apprenticeship program.   At present, 50% of apprentices drop out of the program during the first year, and another 50% leave in the second year.  There are several reasons for the exodus of apprentices -- a drop in the hours of available work, problems with child care and transportation -- but there is also the issue of how ready apprentices are to enter the field when they begin the apprenticeship.  How much do they know about the tools, equipment, working conditions, and other key factors involved with being employed in construction? 

Leveraging Public and Private Funds

With the ETP funding, CTCNC plans to offer up to 192 hours of Commercial Skills training to 300 pre-apprentices.  Commercial Skills training is designed to give the pre-apprentices grounding in use of basic hand tools, power tools, and material handling.  Exposure to various aspects of the trade, including wood and metal framing, drywall  application, basic blueprint reading, basic roof structure, and concrete formwork, is included in the curriculum.Picture of Apprentices

In addition to the Commercial Skills training modules, an average of 108 hours of classroom/lab training will be provided.

CTCNC, a training fund jointly administered by the union and signatory employers, offers a stipend to pre-apprentices to help with basic support while participating in the pre-apprenticeship program.  The ETP funding will cover the costs of providing Commercial Skills training to 300 participants.  CTCNC is also working with local WIBs to match WIA-eligible particpants with supportive services.


State of California Employment Training Panel

Click here to find out more about the ETP.


Title, Carpenters Training Committee for Northern California

Learn more about the CTCNC here.






Check out the Washington State Building & Construction Trades Council Movie. Hear from real apprentices the benefits of earning while you learn.  Love the motto!