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Advancing Registered Apprenticeship


On August 5, the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) announced approximately $6.5 million in grants to assist national industry and employer associations and labor-management organizations in advancing Registered Apprenticeship (RA).  Eleven grantees will use the funding to develop programs that use the 21st century RA framework established through our recently revised regulations (Oct 2008). 


To help spread the word on this project we’ve put together a fact sheet that provides an overall project overview and brief descriptions of each grantee’s proposed grant activities.  These projects will use innovative and integrated approaches to training the U.S. workforce through apprenticeships that include hybrid training models and the use of interim credentials to acknowledge an apprentice’s skill progression.  Projects cover development of apprenticeship programs on everything from green construction to advanced culinary certifications; and utilize modern training options including technology-based classroom instruction and collaborations with secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.


In case you missed it, here is a link to the ETA news release announcing the grants (grantee names and funding amounts are also included).  Also see the link to the Advancing RA Grants Fact Sheet.  Please feel free to download and distribute the fact sheet.


Grant funding.  Innovative strategies being implemented throughout the nation. Workers being trained through integrated partnerships between the RA, public workforce and educations systems……It’s a good day in RA! 

I'm always interested to learn about pre-Apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship opportunities for youth - for instance, Dr. John Gaal's Middle Apprenticeship Program work in St. Louis.  I just came across this article in the Canadian news, which highlights one young man's really wonderful experience in a Registered Apprenticeship program, and again makes the case for the positive impacts Apprenticeship experiences have on youth.  Note these observations from the founder of this particular program, Eric Newell:

"Newell has noticed three main things happen when students go into the program. First, their marks go up, sometimes dramatically. CAREERS gives out scholarships and many students have averages higher than 80 per cent.

'Secondly, when they come back to the classroom . . . they're much more mature,' he says. 'They understand why they're studying math.'

"Third, everyone else in the class notices these kids. After all, the pay isn't too shabby for a high school student."

I hope that those of you who are working to engage youth in pre-Apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship opportunities and increase career exploration at the secondary education level will continue to share your work with all of us here on the CoP!

Check out this awareness campaign in the UK I found that's chocked full of resources!  Skills for Health is a UK health sector council aimed to develop a skilled, flexible and productive workforce to improve the quality of health and healthcare.  They've held a series of England wide events, to raise awareness of Apprenticeships. The first part of the Health Sector Apprenticeship Toolkit, which covers the ‘Employer journey’, was launched during four events which saw around 800 people from across the health sector hear from employers, the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), trade unions, and apprentices with their line managers, as they shared their experiences.

The PowerPoint presentations, videos and workshops are available so take a look for yourself.

Let's meet Clay Kubicek
Posted on September 04, 2009 by Thao Nelson
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There's been several blogs recently about employers and what's in it for them.  I wanted to introduce you to one of our strong employer partners- Clay Kubicek who works for Crossland Construction Company as the Education Director.  Clay also is an active member of the Kansas State Apprenticeship Council and Industry representative for the NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) Workforce Development Committee.

I met Clay a couple of months ago at the Kansas Action Clinic and his enthusiasm and passion for Registered Apprenticeship was contagious.  He made his case to the audience about why Crossland Construction embraces RA as one strategy to build their workforce.  Below are his thoughts about the clinic-

"The clinic managed to generate an numbers of ideas. It was informative. It was useful to see the big picture.  What is the next step? I have made a posting on what I feel is the need to create some consistency of expectations. Hopefully, some discussion will ensue.  I am looking forward to our apprenticeship council meeting this month to get more input on reactions from the clinic."

Stay'll hear more from Clay.
I came across this article in Business Cornwall, which announces a new partnership between the U.K.'s National Apprenticeship Service and, an online social network that connects mentors and learners in a variety of topical areas.  Through this partnership, the NAS aims to provide apprentices, and those interested in apprenticeship, with one-on-one coaching and mentoring from other apprentices and from individuals who have completed apprenticeships.  Here is the direct link to the apprenticeship section of the horsesmouth network.

It is always so exciting to see how others are using online communities of practice and other collaborative social learning networks to support both professional and personal development in innovative ways.  I would love to hear about state and local colleaugues here in the U.S. that are using "Web 2.0" social learning tools in their particular Registered Apprenticeship programs.  Please share your efforts here on the CoP so that we can all hear more about your efforts and their results!