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Registered Apprenticeship-CBO Engagement

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on Mar 01,2012 05:03PM
Registered Apprenticeship and Community-Based Organizations working together can produce excellent career paths for workers in need of opportunities. There are hundreds of successful collaborations across the country but there are also areas face difficulties and barriers to collaboration. We invite you to discuss your experiences and share ideas with us to improve partnerships.

What are the challenges in engaging Registered Apprenticeship sponsors and Community-Based Organizations in Partnerships?

Identify existing best practices that we can highlight. If you have materials on exemplary programs, please share the information at OA.Administrator@dol.gov

What are your recommendations to promote better engagement?

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on Mar 04,2012 10:31AM
Many Community-Based Organizations work to prepare their clientele with the skills and connections into apprenticeships. Many play an important role in creating a pipeline into apprenticeship. Often this is done through a “Pre-apprenticeship,” yet the DOL-OA has not developed a definition for Pre-apprenticeship.” That is work that needs to be done.
Andrew Wermes
Iowa Department of Education


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on Mar 06,2012 05:01PM
This was a very good conference call today. A lot of good ideas. I agree with the previous post, in order for pre apprenticeship programs to work there needs to be some sort language designating this classification on prevailing wage rate jobs.


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on Mar 12,2012 01:35PM
Dear US DOL,

Thank you for your discussion about improving partnerships between registered apprenticeships and community-based organizations.

Unfinished Business, Building Equality for Women in the Construction Trades, which can be found at http://scholarworks.umb.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1004&context=lrc_pubs, is a report summarizing all the research done on women in construction in the US for the last 25 years.

It makes a set of recommendations for bringing and, more importantly, keeping more women in construction.

We hope it will be of use to you in your efforts to improve access to high paying construction jobs.

Shaun Glaze
Policy Group on Tradeswomen's Issues


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Suleman Tejani
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on May 23,2014 12:12PM
I am a community volunteer and we are trying to find placement opportunities for the people in our community. We have lot of people who would like to improve their Quality of Life; and therefore, we have developed a volunteer based training programs in the area of Healthcare, IT, Pharmacy etc. But the challenge we are facing is with the placement/apprenticeship opportunities.

We have many people in our community who would love to get trained on courses such software testing, business analysis but we don't know much about the internship/apprenticeship opportunities.

Any help/direction will be appreciated.
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