2010 Chicago Heartland Conference: “Earn, Learn, Succeed" - three words that can change your life!

Posted by Ray Garcia - On March 04, 2010 (EST)


 Iowa Apprenticeship Initiative - Earn, Learn, Succeed!
“Earn, Learn, Succeed"- three words that can change your life! 

Earn, Learn, Succeed - Iowa's Training Initiative  on Vimeo.

Experts representing the Iowa Office of Workforce Development and the Region 5 Office of Apprenticeship will share their secrets on how Apprenticeship and the Workforce System are working together to help get people back to work…

This dynamic session will be an overview of the apprenticeship initiative in Iowa including ideas on promotion, job placement, labor market analysis, information dissemination, advance of apprenticeships to targeted demographic groups (youth, public assistance recipients, Veterans, dislocated workers, etc.), partner agencies such as Job Corps, Vocational Rehabilitation and community colleges, and Iowans in transition, and an update on the joint Iowa Workforce Development/Office of Apprenticeship website. We will showcase best practices, as well as ideas that were good in theory, but not in practice.

All of Iowa’s products, services and practices can be adapted for other states, and we are willing to provide templates and step by step instructions to help other states implement a similar product.


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