2010 Chicago Heartland Conference: Meeting America’s Need for a Quality Direct Care Workforce.

Posted by Ray Garcia - On March 05, 2010 (EST)


  The Healthcare Workforce for the Boomer Crisis

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Meeting America’s Need for a Quality Direct Care Workforce.
The NW Michigan Council of Governments Healthcare RSA and PHI will speak about innovative approaches and initiatives to attract and sustain a high quality healthcare workforce.

America needs more than 1 million direct care workers over the next decade to meet the long-term care needs of our aging and disabled population. To attract and sustain a high quality workforce, innovative approaches to improving wages, benefits, training and the status of the jobs will be crucial. Flexible apprenticeship initiatives, such as Northwest Michigan Council of Governments, that incorporate regional collaborations and training delivery, as well as funding and technical assistance for employers, are pioneering successful strategies.

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