Apprenticeship Incentives a Way to Reduce Unemployment?

Posted by Chad Aleshire - On July 25, 2011 (EST)

The Urban Institute released a Brief with information on what in their words, “we as a country can do about unemployment.  The brief, "What to Do about the New Unemployment", is part of the institute's Unemployment and Recovery Project and discusses ways to jumpstart the job market, and details how younger and older workers are faring in and after the recession.  Within it, Registered Apprenticeship is highlighted as a “way of integrating education and training that’s linked directly to careers.” 



Specifically, Urban Institute fellow Robert Lerman proposes the establishment of a $5,000 tax credit to "businesses that add apprenticeships."   Lerman also proposed expanding the Office of Apprenticeship based on evidence that shows "...gains from apprenticeship far exceed even the gains for technical training in community colleges."


Read the ful PDF version by clicking the report above, or go to the Urban Institute for the full report in HTML or PDF.

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