Apprenticeship at center of White House Upskilling Summit

Posted by Chad Aleshire - On May 07, 2015 (EST)

It’s been a continued period of excitement in the Apprenticeship community recently, highlighted by Apprenticeship’s important role in the April 24, White House Upskilling Summit.  The event provided an opportunity to engage employers and business leaders from a wide range of industries and encourage them to take steps to help realize the full potential of America’s workforce by empowering workers with the education and training they need to develop new skills and earn higher wages.  Over 100 of the nation’s leading employers participated, including approximately 20 newly-announced ApprenticeshipUSA LEADERS. 

These industry and employment leaders gathered to discuss strategies for advancing efforts to help workers of all ages earn a shot at better, higher-paying jobs.  Each of the participant organizations are making commitments to support and expand the Upskilling Initiative across the U.S., with Apprenticeship front and center as a leading strategy to do so.

The President and Vice President have highlighted the importance of this effort and stressed the need for industry and employer leaders to work together from employers and labor leaders, philanthropists and tech innovators, educators and workforce leaders...all committed to unlocking the potential of every American worker.  To learn more about the Upskilling Initiative, visit the White House’s Upskill website at, and read the Upskill Fact Sheet

During the event, Vice President Biden spoke about how critical the Upskilling effort is and how it will open up opportunity for workers to earn higher wages, and to spur business growth and help employers increase productivity. 
Watch Vice President Biden’s Upskilling Summit Remarks Here

Apprenticeship was at the center of the Upskilling Summit, with 20 newly-announced ApprenticeshipUSA LEADERS participating.  The goal of the ApprenticeshipUSA LEADERS initiative is to engage businesses across all industries to discuss the value of apprenticeships and to encourage greater adoption of this workforce training strategy. ApprenticeshipUSA Leaders are a great resource in promoting this effort.  Their commitment to the nation’s Upskilling initiative was clearly evident in the leadership they provided during the Summit.  

The President and the Secretary of Labor have made it clear that Apprenticeship plays a key role in the ongoing Upskilling effort.  Apprenticeship represents the gold standard in training to prepare workers for successful careers.  For more information on the ApprenticeshipUSA initiative, and more detail on how to become an ApprenticeshipUSA LEADER, we encourage you to read and download the following Fact Sheets. 

ApprenticeshipUSA Initiative Fact Sheet

ApprenticeshipUSA LEADERS Fact Sheet

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