Beyond Green Jobs: Building Lasting Opportunities in Energy Efficiency

Posted by Alexander Jordan - On April 02, 2012 (EST)

We want to call the Registered Apprenticeship community’s attention to a new book just issued by the California Construction Academy at the UCLA Labor CenterBeyond Green Jobs: Building Lasting Opportunities in Energy Efficiency specifically discusses the role Registered Apprenticeship can play in advancing a “green” economy and how “green” opportunities can become pathways to long-term well paying careersCurrent Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (ACA) member Daniel Villao is the primary author of the book, which puts forth a foundation to bring energy efficiency to scale in a tough economy.  With a focus on why energy efficiency should connect to the Registered Apprenticeship system, the book highlights innovative programs across the country and makes the case for why going "deep green" can provide the greatest benefits to the economy, the environment, and the community.  

Current ACA chairperson Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins provides a Foreword for the book, in which she comments:

“What the California Construction Academy does in this book is outline a path by which energy efficiency work can dive deeper and expand more broadly.  Knowledge of the construction industry is critical if environmentalists and community members are to reap the bene?ts of energy efficiency.  By considering the larger context for energy efficiency work, the CCA brings a thoughtful, thorough look at how, by diving deeper into efficiency projects – going “deep green” – we can bring greater economic efficiency more rapidly.”

Additionally, ACA member Lonzo “Lonnie” Coleman, President of Coleman-Spohn Corporation remarks, “The authors clearly demonstrate the inclusive nature of the partnerships needed to develop the next generation of skilled workers for careers in the clean energy economy. This book will serve as the model for workforce development and job growth that others will follow as America rebuilds its infrastructure and retro?ts its residential and commercial buildings with energy efficient technologies.”

We encourage you to download the book and share it among your Registered Apprenticeship partners as a guide to the opportunities going “green” can offer our Apprentices for long-term, good paying careers and the impact “green” opportunities can have on our sponsors’ apprenticeship programs.

You can download the book for free by clicking this link.

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