Hawaii Action Clinic II- Green Apprenticeship Training Tour

Posted by Thao Nelson - On May 08, 2011 (EST)

Editor's Note:  Our guest blogger is Al Valles, the State Director of Hawaii-Pacific, Office of Apprenticeship.  Check out the training tour taking place in Hawaii and how they plan to raise awareness of green jobs in apprenticeship.

The “GREEN IN APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING TOUR" will assist Hawaii apprenticeship partners (Government, WIA, Private Industry and Education) to better understand the definition of green jobs as they pertain to apprenticeship. This one day bus tour will accommodate site presentations at various apprenticeship training centers in Oahu, Hawaii.

Confusion may occur when workforce Investment organizations plan to develop training in green jobs that may seem to be an occupation but in reality is part of a work process contained within an apprenticeship occupation. Local apprenticeship programs have traditionally trained in various green areas that are segments of a work process contained within their apprenticeable occupation and defined in the apprenticeship standards.

The Training Tour will focus on raising the level of awareness on the rudiments of green jobs as they relate to the Hawaii Apprenticeship Construction Industry, which makes up the preponderance of registered apprenticeship programs. The one day bus tour will host green jobs workshops that will showcase the green industry activities being performed by the Carpenters, Plumbers and Electricians apprenticeship programs of Hawaii.

The “GREEN IN APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING TOUR” is structured to establish, solidify, and maintain partnerships between public and private sector agencies in developing cooperative learning programs and services that are needed in the community. The responsibility of educating and shaping the youth of Hawaii is no longer delegated to a few public sector agencies, but is also apprenticeship’s responsibility along with other organizations and agencies within the community.

Submitted by Alfred B. Valles

State Director, Hawaii-Pacific

Office of Apprenticeship

U.S. Department of Labor  

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