PBS NEWSHOUR Article on Apprenticeship as Answer to Youth Unemployment

Posted by Chad Aleshire - On February 08, 2013 (EST)

PBS NewsHour article, "The Youth Unemployment Crisis: A Fix That Works and Pays For Itself" shares Economist, Urban Institute Fellow, and American University Professor Bob Lerman's thoughts on why Apprenticeship can be the answer to address Youth Unemployment in the U.S.

From the article, written by Paul Solman....Lerman starts by asking: 

"What if I told you that a U.S. public-private initiative could reduce youth unemployment, improve the transition from school-to-careers, upgrade skills, raise wages of young adults, strengthen a young worker's identity, increase U.S. productivity, achieve positive returns for employers and workers, and reduce government spending?.....
So what is it? To expand apprenticeship training, expand it significantly enough to become a viable alternative for most young people and a common method of recruitment and training by employers."

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