Recommendations to Encourage Partnerships between Registered Apprenticeship & Community-Based Organizations

Posted by Chad Aleshire - On November 13, 2013 (EST)

The Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (ACA) and the Office of Apprenticeship have recently issued a paper titled, Recommendations to Encourage Registered Apprenticeship – Community-Based Organization Partnerships, focusing on the importance of increasing connections among the Registered Apprenticeship system and Community-Based organizations (CBOs).  The “white paper” aims to help address the need of American industry for a highly skilled workforce, and offer recommendations for providing often under-represented populations a viable pathway to the middle class.  CBOs offer training to prepare individuals that lack adequate skills for apprenticeships as well as support them during their apprenticeships. CBOs often also offer a range of classes and services including math and language skills, job readiness skills, boot camps, job shadowing, peer groups, and providing childcare, transportation, uniforms and tools.

In an effort to better support these partnerships, the Secretary of Labor asked the ACA to explore issues and challenges related to RA & CBO engagement.  The ACA is composed of representatives from industry, labor, and the public.  The paper presents findings on the common successes and challenges in RA/CBO partnerships, four best practices case studies, and recommendations to DOL on how to better foster RA/CBO partnerships.  

This white paper is a great foundation for anyone addressing challenges related to increasing access to Apprenticeship for under-represented populations and we encourage everyone to read it and use it as a resource in their effort to help advance the use of Registered Apprenticeship to prepare ALL populations with 21st century skills.


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