Recovery Act supports Registered Apprenticeship in Kansas!

Posted by Loretta Shelley - On June 26, 2009 (EST)

Recovery Act supports Registered Apprenticeship in Kansas!

As previously reported, Kansas will make use of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) dollars for expansion of Registered Apprenticeship opportunities through a program titled Registered Apprenticeship (RA)Scholarships.  RA Scholarships will provide up to $500 per year per apprentice toward the cost of related technical instruction for the first two years of training.  Training should be in the Kansas Department of Commerce critical industries which include:  Advanced Manufacturing, Aviation, Bio-Science/Animal Health, Energy, Professional Services and Value-Added Agriculture.  RA Scholarships will also apply to the Construction Industry and Rural Business Succession.

What's different from what was previously reported?  Based upon input from participants at the Kansas Action Clinic, eligibility requirements for the RA Scholarships program have been broadened.  Eligibility will now include all WIA eligible adults.  This will include dislocated workers, displaced homemakers and underemployed workers.   Eligibility will no longer be limited to only Dislocated Workers and underemployed individuals.  The change will open eligibility to more individuals and make the program easier to administer at the local level.

WIA Local Area funds may also be used for supportive services as needed and appropriate for the RA Scholarships program.

How is your state supporting Registered Apprenticeship with ARRA funds?

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