The Scholar Technician - Pickens County, South Carolina "Developing A Workforce for You"

Posted by Chad Aleshire - On April 02, 2013 (EST)

Pickens County, in upstate South Carolina, is committed to academic excellence.  In Pickens County students are being given access to the tools required to succeed in today’s competitive market place. The motto in Pickens County is “Developing a Workforce for You.” And Pickens County takes the motto to heart.  Students are started on a path to success from kindergarten, through secondary school, and continuing through graduation from a technical college. Their education system focuses on critical thinking and developing the technical ability needed to be proficient with both their mind and hands. This has led to students of all grade levels excelling in the fields of robotics, manufacturing and mechatronics.  The local economic development community has recognized the skill level of these students and the importance of integrating this young talent to help meet the needs of local businesses.  United Tool and Mold, Inc. was one of the first companies to start a “School to Work” Registered Apprenticeship program with Pickens County. This effort has given these bright students a viable career path and a way to hone their skills through real life experience and application.  In return the students provide local employers a skilled workforce that is technically proficient and able to help companies establish a workforce prepared for success now and in the future. Pickens County South Carolina is a great example of a Registered apprenticeship School to Work program in action, and how a dedicated school system and supportive employer partners can work together to create a workforce prepared for the future.  See the video below developed by Alliance Pickens for more on developing the “Scholar Technician.”  Alliance Pickens is a public/private economic development organization whose primary mission is to attract, retain and increase the number of jobs and increase the tax base in Pickens County.   

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