Harvard and Georgetown Reports: RA's Role in Preparing Americans for Good Jobs

Posted by John Ladd - On February 13, 2011 (EST)

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Increasingly, discussions around training U.S. workers and preparing our young adults for today’s competitive labor market center on an area that is embedded in the Registered Apprenticeship model.  More than ever, discussions are focusing on the importance of providing education and training that provide the opportunity to earn a certificate or credential that represents achievement of a certain skill level – something a Registered Apprenticeship Completion certificate clearly provides.

As evidence of the increased importance employers are placing on finding workers that can show they’ve reached a high-level of education and/or skill-level, I’d like to call your attention to two recent reports.

The first is a just-issued report by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, titled “Pathways to Prosperity: Meeting the Challenge of Preparing Young Americans for the 21st Century” which promotes increased vocational education and career preparation opportunities for young people in the U.S. to better prepare them for the demands of today’s competitive labor market.  Access the full report below.

Pathways to Prosperity: Meeting the Challenge of Preparing Young Americans for the 21st Century

The second is a report issued by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, titled “Help Wanted: Projecting Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018.”  The report findings suggest that in today’s competitive labor market, U.S. workers will need some sort of postsecondary degree or certificate to meet the needs of employers.  In announcing the issuance of the report Anthony P. Carnevale, Director of the Center emphasized this point, saying “America needs more workers with college degrees, certificates and industry certifications.  If we don’t address this need now, millions of jobs could go offshore.”  Access the report below. 

Help Wanted: Projecting Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018

I hope you find these reports informative and helpful in our future discussions on the role of Registered Apprenticeship in preparing Americans for good jobs and successful careers.

Thank you.

John V. Ladd
Office of Apprenticeship

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